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WordPress Support Services that can Help You with One-off Tasks

Got a WordPress task you want fixed? Don’t wanna pay a huge monthly fee? Why not outsource to a WordPress support service that can help you with one-time issue fixes. Below are a few companies we recommend to assist you with your one-off WP tasks… WPFixit With a price of $39 per issue, either has a one-off fee or if you prefer to go with their monthly option for ongoing support, backups, hosting, software updates, and security protection. GoWP With one-off resolutions costing around $49, this support service can fix a single problem, or provide maintenance subscriptions at various levels.  Ongoing updates, support tasks, security monitoring and malware cleanups are just a few of the services that provides. Fixmywp Offering maintenance services from $50, promise a stress-free experience by offering database optimization, weekly plugin updates, and 24-hour email support.  For one-time fixes, all you need to do is reach out to them for a free quote. Fixmysite A newcomer on the block and unlike its peers, does not charge recurring monthly fees.  Their support desk fixes issues one ticket at a time.  Fees can vary depending on the request, but they have a great value starting price of $29 for a successfully resolved issue.  In addition, they offer a free website assessment and no obligation quotes. […]

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Should I design my own WordPress website or outsource to a professional?

The question can be open ended, as it depends on what kind of website you need. Is it just a blog? Is it a company website? Is it a web app? The answer would depend on your needs and also on your experience, but here is my take: You know how to build websites: If [...]

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WPTangerine vs ClickWP vs GoWP: Which is the Best WordPress Support Service?

Running a successful WordPress website involves more than just what happens in the front-end. There is a lot of regular work required in order to keep the site ticking over, running at peak performance and most importantly, remaining secure from hackers and malicious scripts. Let's review three of the best WordPress support services on the [...]

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Benefits of Regular Web Maintenance

Benefits Of Regular Web Maintenance Keep your visitors interested and engaged in your website with fresh content, new graphics and added functionality Add new products, services and features to keep the website attractive Maintain higher rankings in the major search engines with the help of site maintenance by updating your site Keep your website alive [...]

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WPMatic Review

WPmatic WPmatic provides site owners with 1-on-1 support, maintenance, development and customization. WPmatic’s plans are: Starter ($59/Month) Business ($99/Month) Enterprise ($159/Month) WPmatic provides the given services: Maintenance WPmatic timely maintains websites and helps decrease visitor drop-off and slow loading speeds. The service provider takes care of any technical issue with themes or plugins. WPmatic also [...]

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