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Why should I outsource WordPress tasks?

Why should I outsource WordPress tasks? First off my friend, that's a pretty good question to ask. But unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do not ask such questions. As a result, they wound up investing their time and resources in an ineffective manner. Let's look at the question critically: Why should you outsource WordPress tasks? Do you [...]

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Review of the “WP Tasks After Install” WordPress Plugin

Let's take a look at the WP Tasks After Install WordPress plugin... Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of tasks to perform just after installing WordPres? Well, maybe not again. The WP Tasks After Install plugin is a WordPress plugin that can be used to perform all the initial tasks after installing WordPress. [...]

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6 Steps to Fix the White Screen of Death on Your WordPress Website

The ‘White Screen of Death’ (WSoD) is a horrible error for a website owner to encounter – one of the worst, in fact – especially if you don’t have the knowledge to fix it. With only a blank screen staring back at you, there’s absolutely no indication of what’s happened, and no way of knowing what to do [...]

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How to Outsource WordPress Tasks

How to Outsource Your WordPress Tasks     As an entrepreneur working on building a profitable business, you are likely to struggle with one thing: keeping up with all the goings-on within your business. You'd also find that it can feel overwhelmed to ensure that your venture remains in-tune with the newest and best practices [...]

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Divi vs Avada: The 2 Most Powerful WordPress Themes Compared

If you’re looking for a new theme for your site, there are two options you’ve likely already heard of: The hugely popular Divi , from Elegant Themes , and Avada , the number one best-seller on ThemeForest. Both of these WordPress themes are fully multipurpose, which means, no matter what type of website you’re building [...]

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Are You A Busy Blogger or Entrepreneur? WP Tangerine Could Be Your Savior

You might be wondering what WP Tangerine is or how they can help, if you're a busy blogger or an overwhelmed entrepreneur. This review will answer those questions and explain what makes WP so helpful for busy entrepreneurs like yourself. The bottom line: If you're a busy entrepreneur or blogger and have a bunch of small [...]

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