If you run a WordPress site, you can integrate a support ticket system into your site to provide great support to your customers.

Cstomer experience is incredibly important in today’s competitive landscape. A Gartner survey reported that 89% of businesses now compete with one another mostly on the quality of customer experience they provide. A few years back, only 36% of companies used that as a differentiator.

So why not start using a support ticket system today on your WordPress?

One of the great things about a support ticket system is that it enables you to:

  • Handle a high quantity of inquiries simultaneously.
  • Create priorities and manage accordingly.
  • Respond within a specific timeframe, but not have to drop everything to manage it (that way you can also remain focused and productive).
  • Delegate based on the type of issue as well as your team members’ expertise.
  • Offer consistent and on-brand responses, especially if you have canned messaging you can use when answering common questions and issues.

Support ticket systems are also good for your customers, especially millennials who prefer not to get stuck on hold waiting for a customer support representative to answer.

Now, what you really want to know is…

How do you set up this support system on your WordPress site? Well, there are of course plugins that will get the job done. Here are six of the best support ticket plugins currently available: