Why should I outsource WordPress tasks?

Why should I outsource WordPress tasks? First off my friend, that's a pretty good question to ask. But unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do not ask such questions. As a result, they wound up investing their time and resources in an ineffective manner. Let's look at the question critically: Why should you outsource WordPress tasks? Do you [...]

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Review of the “WP Tasks After Install” WordPress Plugin

Let's take a look at the WP Tasks After Install WordPress plugin... Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of tasks to perform just after installing WordPres? Well, maybe not again. The WP Tasks After Install plugin is a WordPress plugin that can be used to perform all the initial tasks after installing WordPress. [...]

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6 Steps to Fix the White Screen of Death on Your WordPress Website

The ‘White Screen of Death’ (WSoD) is a horrible error for a website owner to encounter – one of the worst, in fact – especially if you don’t have the knowledge to fix it. With only a blank screen staring back at you, there’s absolutely no indication of what’s happened, and no way of knowing what to do [...]

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How to Outsource WordPress Tasks

How to Outsource Your WordPress Tasks     As an entrepreneur working on building a profitable business, you are likely to struggle with one thing: keeping up with all the goings-on within your business. You'd also find that it can feel overwhelmed to ensure that your venture remains in-tune with the newest and best practices [...]

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Divi vs Avada: The 2 Most Powerful WordPress Themes Compared

If you’re looking for a new theme for your site, there are two options you’ve likely already heard of: The hugely popular Divi , from Elegant Themes , and Avada , the number one best-seller on ThemeForest. Both of these WordPress themes are fully multipurpose, which means, no matter what type of website you’re building [...]

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Are You A Busy Blogger or Entrepreneur? WP Tangerine Could Be Your Savior

You might be wondering what WP Tangerine is or how they can help, if you're a busy blogger or an overwhelmed entrepreneur. This review will answer those questions and explain what makes WP so helpful for busy entrepreneurs like yourself. The bottom line: If you're a busy entrepreneur or blogger and have a bunch of small [...]

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WP Tangerine Review: WordPress Support Service for Small Businesses

WP Tangerine Review: WordPress Support Service for Small Businesses   What is WP Tangerine? WP Tangerine is a reliable WordPress support service that specializes in managing WordPress sites, completing WordPress tasks and resolving WordPress issues for businesses and individuals WordPress site owners. The company, founded in 2015, has grown quickly to complete hundreds of jobs [...]

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Review of

Online Jobs Logo Review of By:  Steven Rich, MBA This is a review of which is a freelance marketplace for workers from the Philippines. The website claims to be the world’s largest and safest online site for locating “rock star” Filipino workers. Overview Their home page has an impressive menu [...]

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What to look for when choosing a WordPress Theme

WordPress Logo - Licensed for Reuse What to look for when choosing a WordPress Theme By:  Steven Rich, MBA WordPress beginners are often overwhelmed when trying to select a theme. Too many options for good looking themes can be confusing.  Here are some tips to look for when choosing a WordPress Theme. Themeforest [...]

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How to Find Quality WordPress Task Reviews

For any of your wordpress tasks, there should be someone you can rely on.  Someone who could help you get started with your website or just fix whatever is wrong with it. So to reach these people, you need to learn how you can find quality reviews. Reviews are necessary to help you get the [...]

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