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By:  Steven Rich, MBA

This is a review of which is a freelance marketplace for workers from the Philippines. The website claims to be the world’s largest and safest online site for locating “rock star” Filipino workers.


Their home page has an impressive menu of 12 job classifications ranging from advertising, office & administrative, marketing & sales, to WordPress specialists. They claim that Google and Uber use their site to find Filipino workers.

Employers can hire Filipinos full-time, part-time, hourly, or by the project. Employers can find potential workers to contact directly or advertise jobs and let them “come to you” and are free to hire on their own terms.

They also claim to have the world’s largest database of remote Filipino workers with more than 250,000 profiles.

The benefits of recruiting Filipinos

According to their website, the Philippines offer well educated and proficient English speakers making them “the ideal virtual workers”.  

Their breakdown of available online resumes appears impressive as there are 7,393 Webmasters, 8,278 SEO experts, over 4,000 Graphic Designers, and over 60,000 Writers.

They also claim that they “put them through the ringer” by testing them, checking their references, speaking with prior employers, and do background checks. In essence, they claim they only offer “vetted workers”. As their slogan goes, “We vet them, you hire them”.

Their fees

Employers pay by the month starting with $49 USD allowing instant job postings, viewing applicants, and contacting applicants directly.

Employers can find Programmers for as little as $550 per month, Designers starting at $400 a month, and Virtual Assistants starting at $350 per month. None of their salaries are marked-up and employers are free to negotiate the salaries directly with the worker.


As with every online offer, you need to research their online reputation to see if it is good or bad. Online reviews offer the best independent, third party opinions from former workers and past employers.

The Ripoff Report site had one complaint filed last May, 2016 against the where the employer accused them of scamming his $49. Once he paid $49, they never posted his job notice. Instead, they posted a fake job.

Another employer posted recommendations of how to best use from his personal experiences. He recommends not sending potential workers a long initial email as “it can overwhelm the candidate”. Simply, send a one or two sentence email asking if they are available. Do not depend on email answers to your simple questions as very few will reply. A Skype video interview works better to see how good their English is. Don’t rely on their resumes as most made false claims about their proficiency. He also complained about deadlines not being met. Constant power outages in the Philippines prevented consistent communications by internet or Skype with employees. In the end, he wasted a lot of time using

Finally, last February 2017, one reviewer compared with and concluded that Upwork has a superior feedback system and the star-ratings are self-selected by the onlinejobs workers. Upwork has a dispute resolution system while onlinejobs doesn’t where if their employees disappear or fail to perform their work the employer is on his own. While Upwork has an escrow payment system to protect both parties, onlinejobs doesn’t have one. He cautions against making any prepayments to onlinejob workers as you may get scammed out of your money.


This review of shows the difficulty with hiring Filipinos and receiving quality work. When compared with the Upwork freelance workers platform; onlinejobs doesn’t have the same quality feedback system, dispute resolutions, or an escrow payment system to protect both parties.